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Who Could Benefit From Self-Defense Training

woman self defense

Many people nowadays are interested to learn about self-defense. Security and safety are one of the biggest concerns in our society more than ever before. Children are no longer as secure inside their schools as they were ten to twenty years ago. Families are no longer safe even inside their homes. But with training in self-defense, it is possible to protect yourself and even other people from attackers.

Aside from safety, self-defense also offers other physical, mental and social benefits. It is a good form of exercise which promotes physical fitness. It also helps develop a person’s focus, concentration and coordination of the body and mind. Additionally, it could also help develop positive character traits such as endurance, patience and respect for others. Then it can also make you feel more confident about yourself.

Because of the many benefits of self-defense training, it is now gaining in popularity as a form of physical activity. There are now more schools offering self-defense trainings than ever before. There are also numerous online materials that you can use if you like to train at home. Anyone can surely benefit from learning self-defense.


Women are generally viewed as weak and helpless. That is why they are common targets of snatching, attacks and other forms of criminal activity. But women can also defend themselves if they just know how to overpower the strength of their attackers with some basic self-defense techniques. It will no longer be a question of who is stronger but who is smarter or wittier in terms of techniques used. It is possible for women to overpower even a very strong man using basic self-defense moves.


If your child is constantly being bullied at school, self-defense training can make those guys back off. But of course, self-defense is not meant for attacking but only for protecting one’s self. So when your child is physically attacked by bullies, he will have a way to defend himself so that bullies will respect him next time and not pick on him.

People with health conditions

People who have certain problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and even those under neutropenic precautions, more information can be found www.neutropenicprecautions.com, can benefit from basic self-defense workout. However, you need the approval of your doctor first before engaging in this activity. Your doctor may allow you to undergo self-defense training but you have to be more cautious not to engage in strenuous workout or dangerous sparring. As for patients with neutropenia and observing certain precautions, sparring is definitely a no-no because it may cause cuts or bruises which can be a cause for infection.

In general, any adult can enjoy the benefits of self-defense training. If is for your own safety and physical and mental fitness.

When training for self-defense, it is important to be trained under an experienced instructor. If you prefer to train at home, it is still good to have someone who is professionally trained in this field who you could talk to or refer to in case you have questions about certain techniques or moves. There is nothing to lose when you learn self-defense. In fact, you have so much to gain as a result.

Simple Self Defense Techniques Ideal for Pregnant Women

Our world is becoming a dangerous place for vulnerable people. Women especially the pregnant ones become easy targets for attack because they are willing to give anything just not to hurt their unborn child. This is what leads some women to be curious about getting a self-defense class while pregnant.

Many women consider pregnancy as a gift. In fact, some women are serious about formal pregnancy announcement ideas to their loved ones. As it is a gift to women, it can also pose additional vulnerability to robbers and other bad elements. Pregnant women become their easy prey. That is why some pregnant women try to learn basic self-defense techniques to protect themselves.

There are self-defense trainings that are not very rigorous and are suitable even for pregnant women. Self-defense trainings do not just involve physical strength but also your ability to stay calm, composed, and to think of a way to get out of a dangerous situation. All these are taught in self-defense trainings. However, if you are experiencing a period while pregnant which is not real menstruation but may be a sign of a serious pregnancy problem such as miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy, it is best to avoid undergoing these trainings.

Foremost in self-defense among pregnant women is your body language. For instance, walking with your shoulders slumped and heads down makes you an easier target than when you walk with confidence holding your head high. Another example is when you are walking toward your car and are fumbling for your keys in your purse. This situation will give attackers a good opportunity to attack you. So instead, have your keys ready before going to your car. Generally, the more distracted and afraid you look, the more you will appear as an easy target.

Another way that you can defend yourself without using force is to stay away from potentially dangerous places or situations. Avoid travelling or going out at night especially when you are alone. Don’t go to dark places or places notorious for bad elements. You must always pay attention to the places where you are going including parking lots because they are a common place where many pregnant women are attacked. If you are uncomfortable about a certain place, leave immediately. Also, as you approach your due date, it is best to always have a companion whenever you go for checkup or shopping. Additionally and as much as possible, avoid confrontations with people who are known to be dangerous or violent.

Moreover, the best self-defense is to avoid getting into a situation that might put you and your child in danger. And if you are already in a dangerous situation, stay calm, assess the situation, and make sure your attacker will do the least harm or better will not harm you or your unborn baby.

Pregnant women ought to protect themselves against violence and danger. And learning self-defense is one of the best ways to stay protected.

Breastfeeding While Learning Self-Defense

Learning self-defense is as popular among women as it is among men. In fact, you can see a significant number of girls and adult women enrolling in various martial arts classes. And it is no longer surprising to see mothers and even new mothers learning self-defense. However, new moms or those who are still breastfeeding may find it really challenging to learn self-defense unless they stop breastfeeding.

Although the mother’s milk is generally the best milk for infants, there may be circumstances when breastfeeding has to be stopped such as when the nursing mother is taking regular medications, when the milk production is not enough, or when the mother has to work or pursue certain activities like martial arts. If you are a mom and are in any of these situations, here are some helpful tips on how to stop breastfeeding:

1. Prepare your baby. Don’t stop breastfeeding abruptly because it will be painful on you and it may also affect the feeding pattern of your baby. Slowly introduce feeding through a bottle or cup while still breastfeeding. At first, you may still need to feed your baby regularly. Then you can skip one feeding time and replace it with bottled milk, and then two feeding times until the breastfeeding becomes less frequent.

2. Feed you baby in a bottle or cup using pumped milk. While still preparing your baby, you can still feed it with your breast milk by pumping your milk and transferring it to a cup or bottle. This is applicable especially when you are just introducing bottle feeding. Many babies normally recognize the smell and taste of their mother’s milk and would normally refuse feeding on commercial milk at first.

3. Pump to relieve pressure on the breasts. When your baby starts to feed in a bottle, your milk production will not automatically disappear. Your body will still produce milk and as it is deposited in your breasts, the pressure can be painful. To avoid this, pump your milk out whenever your breasts become really painful. Then skip pumping at least once a day, then twice until pumping becomes less frequent.

4. Move your baby out of bed. If you are co-sleeping with your baby, it may be difficult to stop breastfeeding if you are co-sleeping. Babies have the natural instinct to nuzzle the breast at night. They can do this even with their eyes closed. But if you let them sleep separately like in a crib near your bed or in a separate room, this can be prevented.

5. Introduce solid foods to your baby. When your baby is at least 6 months old, you can already start introducing solid foods. As your baby consumes more solid food or bottled milk, they will turn to breast milk less often. And while that happens, your milk will also slowly dry up.

It can be a challenging task for mothers to stop breastfeeding their babies, you can read more at http://www.breastfeedingguidelines.com. Some mothers even become emotional at first to do it. But by observing the tips mentioned above, you can be able to stop breastfeeding with less difficulty.