Defending Yourselves

What would you do if you or someone you love gets attacked physically by someone? You may think of it as implausible or absurd that such a thing might occur, but what if it really did happen to you? Well these kinds of things generally do happen all the time and it is best if you know how to protect yourself or others from it.

Prevention is Key

Prevention is the best self-defense against any would be attacker. All you have to do is put yourself in the perpetrator’s shoes and figure out how he thinks. How does he plan to carry out his attacks? Which victims does he choose to attack, how does he go about doing his attacks on other people, and many other factors going around an attackers mind.

Knowing these things will arm you with enough knowledge to somehow thwart an attack, but you still have to do the necessary things to fully nullify an attack from happening. Like not walking on any unlit or dimly lit places, changing your daily routes frequently, always locking your doors, never tarrying in your car for whatever reason, and many other precautions you may think necessary. You just have to lessen the chances of an attack from happening.

What To Do When Attacked?

But sometimes, whatever you do to avoid it, an attack happens. What then would you do? Well first and foremost, think if it would be possible to just run away from it and avoid any altercation. If that is not possible then think of a way with which you can defend yourself.

Search for any weapon like stones or sticks, or anything lying around which you can use to defend yourself. If that is not possible then you have to resort to also using force to defend yourself. Certain parts of the body like the eyes, nose, throat, knees, and groin areas must be the prime locations that you need to hit in-order to incapacitate your would be attacker. Just use enough force to create yourself some space for you to run away from your attacker.

Preparing for Any Eventualities

Or you may also want to take up classes on several martial arts and self-defense courses that are readily available in any localities just to be on the safe side. They will teach you many techniques on how to handle and get away from sticky situations and also tell you of what to expect with those kinds of situations. The courses may cost a little but they go a long way towards your general well-being if the said situations do occur.

It is also always stressed that you must have a clear mind when you find yourself in these kinds of situations, as it is of paramount importance that you be thinking clearly when under duress. You really can’t get out of a jam if you’re panicking right?

Always practice clear thinking as it would also help in other areas of your life and not just when you are in trouble. Stay in tune with your senses, meditate, or probably buy yourself the best yoga DVD while we’re at it, as those things really help you think clearly. Stay out of trouble if you can help it, but if you really have to, then go and do what you have to do as your life really depends on it.