Common Reasons for Tooth Pain

One of the top reasons why people visit their dentist is to get tooth pain relief. Tooth pain can be really painful and can affect anybody from children to elderly. While most people blame tooth decay for tooth pain, there are other factors that may cause it:

Tooth decay

Although it is the most common cause, it is not the only reason why a person may suffer from toothache. When the decay penetrates the inner layer of the tooth and deeper into the pulp, it could cause sharp and intense pain. Sometimes, if the decayed tooth is already infected, it can also result to tooth abscess. And when this happens, you may feel a pulsating and throbbing pain which makes it difficult to identify the tooth causing the pain.

Gum Disease

Advanced gum disease does not just cause gum pain but also tooth pain. When there is infection and inflammation of the gum, it leads to swelling and dull pain in the teeth.

Broken Teeth

For those who are into physical sports and activities like self-defense training, having broken teeth is unavoidable during practice or sparring sessions. Your partner may accidentally punch or kick you on the face which could result to broken or fractured teeth. Even if the fracture is not very deep, it could still cause tooth pain.

Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Sometimes, even if there is no obvious fracture or crack in your teeth and you don’t have any tooth decay or gum problems, you may still experience tooth pain. This may be caused by cracked tooth syndrome where the defect on the teeth is concealed. This condition normally happens when a person has the habit of chewing gums or grinding his teeth. It may also affect those who have experienced a past tooth injury or those who have large fillings in their teeth. Cracked tooth syndrome can cause severe pain especially when chewing.

Improper Oral Hygiene

Your teeth may detach from the gums due to gum disease or improper oral hygiene. As a result, the roots of the teeth become exposed, causing sensitive teeth to become painful every time they touch hot, cold or sour foods or drinks.

Impacted Wisdom Tooth

An impacted or misaligned wisdom tooth which failed to erupt in the gum line can be extremely painful. As the tooth tries to erupt, it can put pressure on an adjacent tooth, causing a dull pain. Additionally, if a wisdom tooth has just partially erupted, it is prone to bacterial buildup leading to infection that may cause redness and swelling in the gum area and severe pain in the tooth.


Braces can also cause painful teeth for a brief period of time. The pain is usually more severe when the braces were just tightened or adjusted.

These factors are some of the common causes of tooth pain. Different types of tooth pain require different types of treatment. If you are experiencing painful teeth, the best solution is to see your dentist for proper treatment.