Different Ways to Prevent Fatty Liver Disease

A fatty liver disease is one of the most common diseases that cause liver pain. It is classified into alcoholic and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Those who are diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver are normally advised to have a change of eating habit and be involved in various physical activities including regular exercises, sports, martial arts or self-defense.

Many people who train for self-defense may have experienced painful liver in the past before they got involved in self-defense training. Because of the physical activities they undergo, many are able to fully prevent experiencing painful liver again. But although it is a popular disease, not many people fully understand what a fatty liver disease is.

A fatty liver disease is a condition where there is fat buildup in the liver cells. This may be caused by drinking too much alcohol or by reasons that are unrelated to alcohol such as being overweight or obese. If not treated promptly and properly, a fatty liver disease can advance into a more serious disease such as liver cancer or cirrhosis of the liver. An alcoholic fatty liver can be prevented by avoiding or totally stopping the consumption of alcohol, while a non-alcoholic fatty liver can be prevented in several other ways.

Most of the patients who are diagnosed with a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease are obese or overweight. Fortunately, losing weight can help reverse your condition. According to a study published in the Hepatology Journal, weight loss can help reverse non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases. Additionally, the American Gastroenterological Association recommends losing weight by at least ten percent.

Another effective way to prevent a non-alcoholic fatty liver is to observe a healthy diet. Avoid eating foods that are high in cholesterol and saturated fats such as dairy products, processed meats, processed pastries, chips and fried foods among others. Instead, opt for fresh fruits and vegetables. Doing so will also help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight ideal for your age and height.

Lastly, to avoid a fatty liver, get physically active as much as possible. Exercise regularly, get involved in sports, or train for martial arts or self-defense. They are activities that can let you burn fats, lose weight and have a health liver. For a start, you can try at least three hours of physical activity per week. Then make it more frequent as your body gets used to it.

A fatty liver disease is a condition that can be prevented or treated but it can also lead to a more serious deadly disease if neglected. First, you must see your doctor for the right diagnosis. If it is proven that you have an alcoholic fatty liver disease, quit drinking. If you have a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, you could lose weight, observe a healthy diet, or do physical activities. Don’t let this condition affect and enslave you. Knowing how to prevent or treat this disease can help your liver be back to normal health.